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My recipe for green beans:Green BeansANY vteiray of fresh green beans.Snap the ends off .both ends about 1/4 inchWash a couple of times.Put in large soup/stock pan .or crock pot/slow cooker.Add 2 ham hocks (NOT the smoked ones) ..OR a large ham bone .or neck bones .for seasoning.Add 1 large chopped onion.Peel and quarter 4 or 5 potatoes add to pot.Cover with water.Cook over high heat .reduce medium heat .cook until beans are tender ..adding water as needed ..3-4 hours .when beans are tender .cook to reduce liquid you don't' want soupy green beans stirring often to keep from sticking to pot.Remove bones .any fat from ham hocks.Serve wth your choice of meats ..cornbread/muffins/biscuits b butter ..fresh sliced tomatoes.Note: Can substitute canned green beans.


Bee and Dennis - shelling them was fun. I love alitcte work like that. So relaxing.@Monet - how did your grandmother make black-eyed peas? Now I'm curious how everyone else does it. This method seemed too easy, but it's completely fabulous. I bet it would work just as well with the dried ones, although of course it would cook longer.@Lynne - you flatter me. :)

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