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Great pics ! I'm actually alrgleic to snow though (ok maybe im lying) however i do like it occasionally just for days like that .....and we're supposed to get an inch her tonight and more soon after so Im hoping to get out with my babies and enjoy a little winter wonderland too!Dont feel bad about not posting about your little boy too ....i slacked on that so much because I was so busy mommying sofia!


I really don't like being in the cold and dtiebiacs tend to run the risk of pneumonia but I would die for an hour of sitting inside looking out at others sledding down the hills while I was sipping that hot cocoa I would even sled down a hill at least Once for the feel of that youthful laughter I used to share with my friends doing that same thing, but the one horse open sleigh all bundled up with warm woolie blankets that were knitted from the wool from your own sheep from the farm, how I love to knit and the smell of real wool drives me wild That is winter to me, those toasty warm hand knit socks and warm hand knit hats and scarves and if you are really lucky you have alpaca or llamas and have their beautiful fibers all waiting at home and after you get out of the cold sitting before the fire is when the fun happens knitting beautiful gifts for christmas for your loved ones & then wrapping it the old fashioned way either with the left over beautiful yarn from projects long ago finished with pretty knitted things to hang on the tree tied neatly on top or a hand made ornament out of old christmas cards or pine cones that now sparkle that the kids made themselves.. while listening to the old christmas caroles from long ago..instead of christmas only being that one day a year, play those old songs al through the month while wrapping gifts or making tags or little ornaments for gifts, and have that christmas spirit grow on everyone around you.. and maybe that magic will spread on through the generations, I think with your beautiful farm and many farms like it you would have to have a really hard time not being able to find the spirit of christmas and all that christmas cheer.. You are so lucky!! I have always dreamed of such a life style and always felt I was born in the wrong century.. but its ok I can knit or crochet like any 19th century woman, only my spinning well thats something I need to probably work on.. but my needle point was good enough for marriage~~ my samplers are Right on!!

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