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Jamie Steckart

Here are some comments from parents whose kids graduated last night:
. Excellent - just what she needed! GREAT TEACHERS!

. As a family we are deeply grateful for the wonderful mentorship, counsel and patience all of NWPHS staff give their students. Thanks to them our daughter/grandaughter graduated!

. The school for the square pegs! They do have a home.

. What Big Box public schools can't do - NWPHS will do!

. NWPHS is a stepping stone for the future. I LOVE NWPHS!

. The experience can't be beat or matched anywhere. Fantastic!!

. A good place to be!

. Life changing. He started withdrawn and with little interest in
school after several disappointments. He is now more open, outgoing and moving on to college.

. Very fun. Enjoyable.

. This school is a wonderful opportunity and I am very grateful for it.

. My daughter did so lovely! I LOVE NWPHS! Great school!

. Great things have come from my child's education!

. Lifesaver!

. She has learned so much from all the staff and grown up to be a beautiful young lady.

. NWHPS has changed my daughters experience and whole outlook on life. Now she can fullfill her dreams.

Liz Bloch

NWPHS truly is "the land of opportunity: as Jaimie has been telling me from day one. I will be taking these experiences with me and using the lessons I've learned for the rest of my life. I am so thankful for all the events that happened in my early school life because they led me to Northwest Passage. I hope that many others find this school and take advantage of all the wonderful things it has to offer.


Thanks Liz,

You were a joy to have at our school and you really did take advantage. We are so proud of your growth. Keep questioning and learning, i have no doubt you will be successful at anything you set your mind to. Love the cheese cake!

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