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Deborah Howard

thanks for your in depth posts. really get the sense of what you are experiencing. Deb

Kelly (Cody's Mom)

Missing you guys! (missed your call again, Cudd the stud, in a meeting) Your attempts to contact me have not gone unnoticed! Can't wait to hear the stories.. and I bet there will be an imovie????
Momma Bear


If I see Cate wearing a towel on her head and barefoot, is she really gone?


Lolo says meow


Good afternoon, At multi cchruh gtrip is leaving for Joplin Mo this coming Saturday. 6 cchruhes and 1 ministry have joined together to make this trip happen. We are going to love on the people of Joplin and clear de brie. The River, Centerpoint, New Day Community, The Bridge, Greacespings, Radiant, and Mel Trotter. We are going to be staying at the Ignite cchruh in Joplin. I tried to attach a picture but your site would not allow it.

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