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Stephanie Haugen

I am so proud of you all for working so hard and taking this experience to learn and grow...
You are doing great things!
Love, Zachs Mom


Wow, insights most tourists do not receive.

This reminded of the man who spotted the boy on the beach throwing starfish stranded when the tide went out back into the water. He asked the boy what he was doing, to which he got the reply, "Saving starfish".

Seeing thousands of them he responded with "Why waste your time?... There are so many you can't save them all so what does is matter".

Without hesitation, the boy picked up another starfish and it back into the water... "It mattered to that one," he said.

So take heart in knowing that what you all are doing matters!

Kelly (Cody's Mom)

From all of us here in the frozen tundra, Thank you for putting your faith in your instructors, learning about the culture and making a difference! This experience will prove to mold you into productive adults! Soak up all you can from this adventure! (once again, yes .. I missed your call..I was driving to work)- (((( HUGS)))

Nancy Hoppe

Very cool learnings, service and experiences you are having. Your reflections and insights are wonderful.Thanks for sharing them with us. We wish we were there with you - really...it has nothing to do with the subzero temps...continue to get in touch with the local folks. As you said, they are amazing, hard working people. What a great opportunity! Say hi to Dr. Barry, too. Get hold of those bean and rice recipes!- Nancy ( Chuck's spouse and dog babysitter)

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