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Kelly (Cody's Mom)

Greetings from the frozen Tundra, it's -15 degrees this morning as we make our way to school and work! On a brighter note, it is sunny! While all of us wait on your next post, we think of what a great gift you've been given to venture out away from anything that you've ever expeirienced! When I enrolled Cody into NWPHS I would never imagined how the 2 years have led to this amazing adventure of a lifetime. So proud of all the young adults that took the leap of faith, and left it all behind to soak up a "new" unconceivable life changing experience! HUGGZZZ to you all! Momma Bear

Theresa Boisjolie

I am so proud of all of you and what you are accomplishing down in Guatemala. When I look at all the the pictures and I read through your blog posts, I beam with pride that I know you all. Keep up the great work, can't wait to hear more about your adventures when you safely return.

Leah Bauman-Smith

Congrats on officially being the coolest kids at our school! Have a fabulous last couple days and a safe trip home!

Stephanie Haugen(Zachs Mom)

I have to agree with Kelly.

Thank you NWPHS for making it easier for the kids who mainstream didnt work and for a once in a life time chance to experience something like that I would not be able to do for my son.
I have a huge respect and love for Chuck, Cate and all the kids. Thank you for letting us feel the experience through your eyes.


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